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Arch Painting Introduces IdeaPaint Whiteboard Paint

Arch Painting Partners with IdeaPaint!

Arch Painting Partners with IdeaPaint! IdeaPaint, Boston’s leading white board wall paint and coating system specialist, has chosen one of Boston’s leading painting companies, Arch Painting, to “paint” the way for this new, hip, and increasingly popular paint coating. What Is White Board Wall Paint and Wall Coating? White board and dry erase wall paint and wall coating is exactly what it sounds like—paint that allows you to safely write or draw on your walls! Just like conventional white boards…

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Spring is the Perfect Time for a Fresh Coat of Paint!

Spring is finally upon us. With spring comes longer days, warmer weather, and of course, spring cleaning. As you start to reorganize, refresh, and spruce up your home or business for the coming months, remember, nothing leaves a better impression than a fresh coat of paint. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and according to experts, it’s the best time to paint exteriors, because the temperature is ideal for the paint to properly settle and dry. So, don’t miss…


Selling your house? How does a 145% return on investment sound?

Imagine if you went to buy a car and the sales rep wheeled out a car that was rusted, the paint work was shabby and chipped! You’d probably laugh and walk away. No one wants damaged goods and sellers always want the best price for whatever they are selling. The same can be said for houses. When you are in the market to buy a home, you want the best home for your bucks. The industry knows that homes with…

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Click it and Chip It!

Have you ever found a photo that has colors that call out to you and think “I’d like to paint my living room with these colors”?  Well, now Sherwin-Williams makes it easy for you to find the exact color scheme within a photo and then matches it to virtual paint chips so that you can easily bring that color palette into your home. At Arch Painting, we love to see the smiles on our client’s faces when their vision is…


Paint Problems: Peeling

Peeling: Loss of paint due to poor adhesion. Where there is a primer and a top coat, or multiple coats of paint, peeling may involve some or all coats. Possible Cause: Seepage of moisture through un-caulked joints, worn caulk or leaks in roof or walls. Excess moisture escaping through the exterior walls (more likely if paint is oil-based). Inadequate surface preparation. Use of lower quality paint. Applying an oil-based paint over a wet surface. Earlier blistering of paint (see blistering)….


Paint Problems: Nailhead Rusting

Nailhead Rusting: Reddish-brown stains on the paint surface. Possible Cause: Non-galvanized iron nails have begun to rust, causing bleed-through to the top coat. Non-galvanized iron nails have not been countersunk and filled over. Galvanized nailheads have begun to rust after sanding or excessive weathering. Solution: When painting new exterior construction where non-galvanized nails have been used, it is advisable to first countersink the nails then caulk them with a top quality, water-based all-acrylic or siliconized acrylic caulk. Each nailhead area…


Paint Problems: Mildew

What Is Mildew? Black, gray, or brown areas on the surface of paint or caulk. Possible Cause: Forms most often on areas that tend to be damp, and receive little or no direct sunlight (walls with a northerly exposure and the underside of eaves are particularly vulnerable). Use of a lower quality paint, which may have an insufficient amount of mildewcide. Failure to prime bare wood before painting. Painting over a substrate or coating on which mildew has not been…


Paint Problems: Chalking

What is Chalking? Chalking is the formation of fine powder on the surface of the paint film during weathering, which can cause color fading. Although some degree of chalking is normal, desirable way for a paint film to wear, excessive film erosion can result in heavy chalking. Possible Cause: Use of a low-grade, highly pigmented paint. Use of an interior paint for an outdoor application. Solution: First, remove as much of the chalk residual as possible, use a stiff bristle…


Paint Problems: Blistering

What is Blistering ? Bubbles resulting from localized loss of adhesion and lifting of the paint film from the underlying surface. Possible Cause: Painting a warm surface in direct sunlight. Application of an oil-based or alkyd paint over a damp or wet surface. Moisture escaping through the exterior wall (less likely with latex paint than with oil-based or alkyd paint). Exposure or latex paint film to dew, high humidity or rain shortly after paint has dried, especially if there was…


Low VOC Paint

What are Low VOC Paints? Low VOC Paints are paints that have low or no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), are categorized as environmentally friendly because the emission of VOC’s into the air is a type of air pollution. Generally, non-flat paints with no more than 150 grams of VOC’s per litre (g/L) of product are considered low VOC, regardless of any lack of certification, such as one from the United States Green Building Council (, which rates and certifies projects….